EOS’s Social Media Platform Voice invites Users for Registration

Recently, it was announced that Social media platform,Voice has started accepting invitation for registration. Therefore, it limits to 23 countries globally.

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Recently, it was announced that Voice has commenced accepting the invitation for registration. However, it confines to 23 countries in the world, lately. The countries include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, etc., excluding China. Block.one established Voice, a blockchain-based social media platform. It is the company behind EOS, a leading distributed ledger tech (DLT) development platform.

However, the development of EOS-based social media platform Voice was in July. It enabled registered users to first participate in the platform’s beta testing. According to the platform’s CEO, Salah Zalatimo, registration was by request only until August 15th when existing users can begin inviting their friends.

As per Voice’s latest policy, each Voice user can only invite ten friends to participate. However, users state that while registering, it was only successful when applied from the US. One fundamental component of the Voice social media platform is that users receive Voice tokens for posting quality content.

Voice mandates Selfie to register User Accounts.

Nevertheless, the platform does not run on the EOS mainnet. It operates on a private version of the network. The FAQ section of the platform offers the subsequent explanation concerning the backend of the platform.

  • Voice uses the open-source EOSIO protocol and the inherent characteristics of blockchain technology to promote trusted and transparent social interactions. 
  • Voice also uses state-of-the-art biometric authentication technology to verify that every account created on the platform belongs to a real, living person—no bots or spam accounts.

This has attracted the attention of users in terms of online privacy. Voice aims to affirm that the users are humans and not robots. It does so by mandating the Selfie of content creators as part of their identity. Users have to submit identity proof to gain access to the platform. In the case of Voice, identity proof includes a selfie in addition to the usual name and email address requirement.

Conclusively, Voice platform has recently started accepting applications on its platform. A relevant google ID is necessary to file the Voice application. The users are ecstatic to join the platform. We hope the invitations of applications do not confine to 23 countries but spreads all across the globe.

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