Elliptic partners ManchesterCF to roll out Cryptoasset Compliance Certification next year

Candidates of the FIU CONNECT (Cryptoassets) training program will receive a certificate from Elliptic, ManchesterCF, and the University of New Haven, Connecticut

By · Dec 12, 2020 . 6min read

Elliptic partners ManchesterCF for crypto courses

Cryptocurrency intelligence and risk management firm Elliptic has partnered ManchesterCF which provides online financial intelligence training to launch FIU Connect – a cryptoasset compliance certification.

Although it didn’t give the exact date it would commence the program, January is certain. Moreso, FIU CONNECT (Cryptoassets) certification program will be first of its kind. Specifically, it will be the only university-recognized cryptoasset compliance online training program available globally. And any of financial institutions, crypto businesses, financial intelligence units (FIUs) and law enforcement can attend.

Additionally, the certification’s curriculum is comprehensive and will cover 9 topics. Fundamentals of Cryptoassets, Privacy and Anonymity Enhancement Technologies, Blockchain Analytics, Illicit Typologies, Terrorist Financing, Cybersecurity and Hacking. It also covers Regulatory Environment, Sanctions, Emerging Cryptoasset Developments are the topics FIU Connect.

Speaking on the proposed certification, Simone Maini, CEO at Elliptic commented

“The growth in cryptoassets is placing enormous pressure on crypto businesses and financial institutions alike to upskill compliance teams”

Maini hinges his comment on the fact that this knowledge helps with the protection of businesses and customers. The CEO further commented that these kinds of efforts help “drive down the use of cryptoassets in financial crime”.

Kim Manchester, Managing Director of ManchesterCF comented and said

“ManchesterCF is proud to work with Elliptic in bringing the FIU CONNECT (Cryptoassets) training program to market. It’s an exciting addition to our Financial Intelligence Specialist program for anti-money laundering professionals and financial investigators”

Students of the Elliptic – ManchesterCF course will receive university-recognized certificates.

Afterwards, successful candidates of the FIU CONNECT (Crypto assets) training program will receive a certificate from Elliptic, ManchesterCF, and the University of New Haven, Connecticut.

Elliptic has been at the forefront of helping to analyze bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions. It has helped burst crypto-financial crimes working with law enforcement agencies across the globe. This will further help equip professionals with the needed knowledge to understand the fledgling cryptocurrency industry and its components.

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