DXone Introduces Customizable Market Research and Trading Platform

DXone paves way for a new generation of cryptocurrency trading with its Market Research and Trading platform.

By · Sep 17, 2020 . 6min read

DXone Introduces Trading Platform latest news
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DXone, a cloud-based, multi-exchange cryptocurrency platform, recently announced that it has successfully raised €1.14M funds. It was during the private sale portion of its DX1S security token offering. Today DXone announced the launch of customizable market research and trading platform. DXone offers information and trade execution. It uses a fully customizable web-based front-end. Additionally, it does not need any installation of software or servers. Thus, traders will be able to trade from anywhere using any web-enabled device working with a web browser that is up-to-date HTML5 compatible.

DXone proceeds to expand, with approximately 2000 traders already registered. It developed a platform swift enough for traditional markets to grow and exceed blockchain markets but tailored to digital assets. To enable this, it developed market research and trading platform. According to DXone, users can customize their trading experience with real-time analysis and trading tools. It can be done by moving and lowering HTML5 widgets from a widget library. It further states that users can access these tools without any investments.

Comprehensive Details about Market Research Tools and DX1S Security Token

DXone offers all the market research information to users via a single click. This also includes leading blockchain news feeds. Additionally, DXone is an expert in offering professional access to digital asset markets. It is one of the primary movers in this fascinating industry of tokenized crypto exchanges.

DXone’s created a transparent dual-token model, in which investors and users have access to two separate tokens. DXone’s dual-token model includes the DX1S and the DXone Utility Token (DX1U). DX1S offers investors a share of DXone’s revenue through monthly payments. Moreover, DX1U provides traders with an up to 50% discount on trading fees. The token holding model differentiates from the often used token spending model.

The FMA Liechtenstein regulates the DX1S security token. It is the primary financial regulatory agency of the Principality of Liechtenstein. Funds raised in the private sale and the ongoing public sale will further develop the company’s trading engine, charting tools, widgets library, mobile application, and market research tools. It will also be instrumental in expanding the international team and increase the marketing and communications budget.

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