DigitalMint partners with software company Answers, to make Bitcoin more accessible

Cryptocurrency provider DigitalMint partners with software company to make Bitcoin easier to use in a move that signals crypto's growing acceptance.

By · Jul 21, 2020 . 4min read

According to the Chicago Business Journal, DigitalMint, a cryptocurrency facilitator based out of Chicago, is partnering with software company Answers Etc. This partnership will make Bitcoin more accessible to its 3000 plus individual users.

DigitalMint boasts that more than 400 brick and mortar stores as its partners across the United States. Likewise, they also allow customers to instantly buy Bitcoin at ATM’s across the country. Their partners include financial service centres, convenience stores, grocery chains, gas stations and retailers.

The Director of Business Development of Answers Etc, Todd Pebles commented that “Answers, Etc. is excited about our partnership with DigitalMint, one of the premier cryptocurrency services in the industry. This new partnership allows us to diversify our product offering and help us provide our clients with the tools they need to succeed as the market continues to evolve, and the demand for digital assets continue to gain traction.”

The news follows a list of developments that are positive updates on the acceptance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by the general public. Yesterday, we reported on how Wirex announced its partnership with MasterCard. Similarly, we also published an article on Zap’s partnership with Visa. Hence in all three cases, it is clear that the partnerships formed are an indication of the changing perception of cryptocurrencies.

Zap and Wirex have partnered with organisations that are within the financial industry. In DigitalMint’s situation, the partnership is with a software company. The significance here is that the image of cryptocurrencies is changing outside the financial domain as well. Moreover, the global economic situation brought about by the Corona pandemic has contributed along.

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