Demo of blockchain game on Ethereum is complete

Blockchain engineer David Mihal announced on twitter that the demo of Ethereum version of the retro classic game Pokemon is now available to play on Fuel.

By · Aug 3, 2020 . 5min read

Fuel Play Pokemon game

Crypto blockchain engineer David Mihal announced on Twitter that he had developed a retro video game with Fuel Labs. The game, which is an old GameBoy version of ‘Pokemon’, was built using layer two scaling technology. Mihal wanted to show how, ‘quick, cheap, and easy’ it is to build games on this platform. Therefore informing about the launch of on Ethereum.

Anyone with an Ethereum account can log in to play the game. Users can use any wallet. They need not have any special keys either. Users can also connect using Fuel’s fake Reddit application. It is a burner wallet built with Wallet Connect. Users will receive 1000 fMoon tokens which are what they need to play the game. (1fMoon token = 1 button press).

About Fuel Labs and Optimistic rollups

Fuel Labs describes itself as a ‘permissionless and trustless layer-2 protocol for Ethereum’. It runs on the optimistic rollup design. It targets low-cost-high-throughput value-transfer transactions.

Some features of the Fuel platform include complete decentralization. This means that it is resistant to censorship, and it is non-custodial. Users can send to and receive from any Ethereum address without registering. The platform supports Ethereum and all ERC-20 tokens. Users can also make withdrawals in under 10 minutes thanks to the atomic swaps. Unlike other channels, users are not subject to upfront collateral requirements either.

Optimistic rollups are mostly a type of layer two constructions that run on top of Ethereum’s base layer. This allows platforms to run smart contracts at scale while still enjoying the security that Ethereum provides. Aggregators do not need to publish any proof. The preconceived notion is that they are not committing any fraud. Hence the term ‘optimistic’. The name derives from the transactions committed to the main chain in bundles, i.e., they are rolled up.

The development of the Pokemon game on the platform highlights the versatility that it offers. It also shows how anyone with knowledge of how to work with technology can build applications to suit their needs. The decentralized aspect of the network makes it highly accessible, and as mentioned earlier, it is relatively inexpensive as well.

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