Dash partners with Tauros to launch crypto debit card in Latin America

Dash partners with Tauros in order to launch Latin America's first crypto debit card backed by Visa, thus offering 2% rewards on initial purchases

By · Aug 5, 2020 . 5min read

Dash partners with Tauros

Dash has announced a partnership with Tauros to launch Latin America’s first cryptocurrency Visa debit card. Tauros is based in Mexico. As of now, only Tauros’ Mexican customers will have access to the debit card. However, any Mexican citizen can sign up with Tauros.

Dash is a digital currency. Evan Duffield created it in the US back in 2014. People can use Dash to make convenient payments that do not have to go through a central authority. Currently, the Visa debit card will work at millions of retail stores across Mexico. It will use the Tauros app to convert users’ cryptocurrencies into the Mexican Peso. Users can also use the card to make online transactions.

Head of Business Development at Dash, Ernesto Contreras stated that the Coronavirus pandemic had forced them to launch the debit card earlier than planned. New social norms like social distancing have increased the need for convenient methods of payment.

Tauros CEO believes crypto is about freedom.

CEO of Tauros, Salvador Melendez, had the following to say:

“We have been working with the Dash Core Group on several products for over a year, and being able to launch our debit card alongside Dash is a great milestone for Tauros and the crypto ecosystem in Mexico. The crypto ecosystem in Mexico is interested in having a way to spend crypto directly, so we are confident this product will appease many users, and will be a key driver for our growth. Starting today we will also have a twitter contest so we can give away the first 50 cards to potential users, because we want to allow people to have a way to use their crypto as they see fit, and the cards are the easiest way now, it is important to be able to trade Dash, but it is also very important to be able to use Crypto as you want, this new world is about freedom”.

Users have already begun requesting their Visa debit cards from Tauros. Dash is offering a 2% rewards program on purchases in the initial stages.