Dapper Labs NBA Top Shot now available to public in beta

Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot blockchain collectibles experience is open to its fans across the world after rising from closed beta phase.

By · Oct 3, 2020 . 6min read

Dapper Labs NBA Top Shot latest news
Source : ISTock

The creators of the popular CryptoKitties game and the Flow Blockchain, Dapper Labs, declare the beta release of its much-awaited NBA Top Shot. The launch will take basketball collecting to the next level. The game can is now accessible by fans globally after rising from the closed beta phase.

It’s official @nba_topshot is live to the public, taking basketball collecting to the next level Creating a revolutionary experience designed for fans in which you can own your collectibles forever

Dapper Labs on Twitter

According to Dapper Labs, NBA Top Shot had scored high even before it was accessible to the public. In the current months, early adopters have bought more than 43,000 Packs and 10,500 Moments from the Marketplace. They have gifted 29,000 Moments, which will only develop as the platform is now accessible to the public.

NBA Top Shot is available on Samsung Galaxy Store

Besides, opening for the public users, the Samsung Galaxy store has listed the blockchain game. Thus, becoming the first-ever Blockchain-based application on the mobile store to offer digital collectibles with real value. However, Google Play does not support the game for Android mobile users. However, this is not Dapper Labs’ first endeavour in producing a blockchain-power game. The development studio became famous following the production of Cryptokitties, which also provide collectibles to users.

NBA Top Shot allows trading moments in P2P Marketplace

NBA Top Shot closed beta has had 17,000 invite-only participants. It has an immersive experience finding great plays, opening packs to accumulate rare Moments and dynamic games of the season, displaying epic collections, and trading with their peers to complete sets and win challenges.

Playing NBA Top Shot is simple. All it requires is for the fans to log into the website and immediately access different packs, including Top Shots of various scarcities and rarities. The game supports continuous updates. A significant differentiator of NBA Top Shot is that fans have the capacity to trade their Moments in a peer-to-peer marketplace.

The fans can trade, sell or buy new Moments from other players. With new limited-edition Moments dropping every week, the NBA Top Shot Marketplace is already a healthy bazaar. Moreover, it intends to inspire a fun yet competitive spirit in fans as they struggle to collect their ideal squads.

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