CWT coughs up $4.5 million in Bitcoin ransom payment

Travel giant CWT was a victim of a ransomware attack by Bitcoin hackers. The company has agreed to pay $4.5 million ransom in exchange for their data.

By · Aug 1, 2020 . 4min read

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Hackers appear to be successful in their attempt to blackmail travel giant CWT out of a $4.5 million Bitcoin ransom payment. According to Reuters Report, the company suffered a ransomware attack recently where hackers stole around 2 terabytes of sensitive data.

The hackers initially demanded $10 million in exchange for the data. CWT, however, is not in the best financial shape due to the pandemic. It appears as America’s 5th largest travel company, worth $1.5 billion, has agreed to pay $4.5 million in ransom.

JAMESWT, a cybersecurity researcher, discovered that CWT IT system was infected with the Ragnar Locker ransomware on the 30th of July. The ransomware essentially encrypts computer files and renders them useless. The hackers have the power to restore access, which of course will depend on whether they get paid the ransom, or get caught. CWT eventually had to shut down its systems temporarily and later confirmed that it had suffered an attack.

The ransomware note informed the company that the hackers had access to billing information, insurance cases, and financial reports. The hackers claimed to have infected 30,000 computers in the note. CWT confirmed that this was far from the truth. Initial reports indicate that the ransomware did not steal any personal information of CWT customers.

This is the latest ransomware attack to occur this month. We had earlier reported on the attack on Garmin by Evil Corp. Just like the attackers of CWT, Evil Corp. was also demanding a ransom of $10 million. Garmin, though, has not made any payment as of yet. Hackers attacked a school district in Texas earlier this week. The board of trustees had to make a payment of $50,000 as Bitcoin ransom.

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