Crypto Wallet MetaMask to Launch Mobile Blockchain App and Lead Web 3.0

Crypto Wallet MetaMask aims to lead Web 3.0 as it declares the launch of blockchain mobile app that provides security, privacy and control.

By · Sep 4, 2020 . 7min read

MetaMask latest news

MetaMask, a cryptocurrency wallet and gateway to blockchain apps, has declared in a tweet that it will shortly launch its mobile apps on the App Store as well as Google Play. Established in 2016, MetaMask has so far served as a browser extension. It allows its users to connect their crypto wallets to websites that are a part of the Ethereum network. MetaMask manages users’ Ethereum wallets and enables them to send and receive ETH via dApps.

 MetaMask’s new mobile version will limit users’ information and payment methods with websites. For instance, instead of offering a checking account number every time, a user could generate several Ethereum accounts to utilize at various sites. This can cut down tracking, said Dan Finlay, a MetaMask lead developer. In an interview, Finlay said:

“It feels like a natural and critical step in the road to making these tools available to people around the world,”

Finlay, a former engineer at Apple, said in an interview. 

Characteristics of the wallet’s Blockchain Mobile App

MetaMask unveils on its website that its new mobile app would lead to the Internet’s decentralization. Moreover, the app will enable users more control over data collection. The launch date is yet unknown. However, those interested can check the MetaMask website for further developments.

MetaMask Mobile also enables the purchase of ether directly in the app utilizing Apple Pay, debit cards, or other payment methods. For someone looking to interact with a DeFi application, purchasing ether directly in MetaMask removes a lot of useless friction. It triumphs secure login, key vaults, and the capacity to generate passwords and keys for dApps immediately on the device. It ensures no one besides the user can access the accounts.

MetaMask to Lead Web 3.0

MetaMask and other wallet hybrids like Status expect to help guide in an era called Web 3. Web 3 assures the decentralization of internet-based services. It intends to provide users with more control over data collection and privacy than the prevailing web. In the recent model (Web 2), tracking user data like login frequency, location, and searches are done over hundreds of sites. They are collected and sold without consent.

Earlier, Web3 wallet Metamask announced a change in its open-source licensing policy. Wallet publisher mandates enterprise wallet user who has copied Metamask codebase and serving up to 10,000 monthly active users to enter into a proprietary licensing with it to continue operating. The web3 wallet claims that going this route will protect MetaMask from free-riders or upstream competitors.

Conclusively, the decision to launch its mobile apps is a big vote of confidence to provide users security, privacy, and control. However, these are primary features that characterize most mobile apps, unlike direct payments done on websites. Furthermore, with the new Web 3.0, MetaMask aims to lead other crypto tools and companies. It hopes to give users more privacy, which has been debatable in the past.

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