Crypto-scammers are turning to terrorism in Japan

A Japanese government office received a bomb threat from crypto scammers/terrorists earlier this month. The scammers demanded ransom in cryptocurrencies.

By · Jul 30, 2020 . 5min read

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Crypto scammers targeted a Japanese Government office last month. The terrorists informed the authorities that they had placed a bomb at the government office on the island of Hokkaido. Therefore, they demanded a crypto ransom to diffuse the bomb. This is the latest version of crypto-scams that have been occurring throughout the year.

The officials received information that a bomb was placed on the second floor in the women’s bathroom. They claimed that they would detonate the bomb if their ransom payments were not made by 3:00 am UTC on the 29th of June. The time long since elapsed and no explosion occurred, revealing the threat to be a hoax. The authorities only received the email around the 20th of July.

Employees at the office and locals working around the area stated that they had not noticed anything suspicious.

Crypto Scammers are impersonating Olympics officials.

Crypto scammers earlier this year targeted Japanese citizens in respect to rescheduling of the Olympics 2020 as an avenue. The scammers sent emails to people claiming to be from the Olympic Committee. They asked people to donate Bitcoin so that the Japanese government can recover the expenses of rescheduling the Olympics. The email stated that if the government were unable to retrieve the costs, the international image of the Japanese people would be ‘severely damaged’.

Scams related to the Olympic games also occurred in China earlier this year. Scammers represented themselves from the World Olympics Sports Foundation. They stated that they were using blockchain technology to raise funds and invest in unique products and other commercial developments related to the Olympic games.

Crypto-related scams are not nascent. However, crypto terrorism appears to be a new manifestation. Attackers are resorting to threats of violence in order to get people to pay them in cryptocurrencies. The Japanese government is already addressing the issue of scammers, but it looks like it has a greater challenge on its hands.

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