ConsenSys fully acquires its once incubated Truffle Suite

ConsenSys, leading Ethereum solution provider acquires Truffe Suite in order to serve growing demands of the smart contract developer tools.

By · Nov 19, 2020 . 5min read

ConsenSys acquires Truffle suite latest news

Foremost Ethereum solutions provider firm ConsenSys has announced the full acquisition of Truffle Suite to add to its growing and high demand tools and smart contract developer kits.

In an update, ConSensys announced the update that both team and technology at Truffle Suite is joining the ConsenSys fold. By this, ConsenSys clients and users can now access built-in smart contract compilation and binary management.

Joseph Lubin, co-founder at Ethereum and ConsenSys while commenting on Truffle’s acquisition said

The Truffle Suite is essential for developers to get started on Ethereum and Web3, and is invaluable for increasing adoption of Mainnet applications and enterprise blockchain solutions alike. Truffle will often be a top-of-the-funnel for all our products and services since nearly all developers begin their smart contract development journey with the Truffle Suite. We are excited about further integrations with ConsenSys’ suite of developer tooling and applications.

Truffle has been a success in the Web3 niche since its creation in 2015, just a few months after Ethereum. With a rapid and adoption among smart contract developers, Truffle boasts of 1.3 million developers tooling from its suite worldwide.

Truffle suite comprises Truffle Teams, Truffle, Ganache and Drizzle. Tim Coulter, Founder of Truffle while responding to Lubin’s statement and the acquisition said

As the most popular Ethereum development framework, it is a natural fit for Truffle to be part of the ConsenSys product stack. We look forward to delivering enterprise-grade solutions that enable developers to build and deploy blockchain systems using Ethereum and across multiple blockchains

Growing ConsenSys ecosystem with Truffle’s acquisition

ConsenSys has been making moves for an impending Web3 global domination with its solutions. The Ethereum solution firm which serves public and private corporations and entities have now expanded its portfolio. Quorum developed by JP Morgan, Metamask, Codefi is part of ConsenSys portfolio products. Industry top hosting service Infura is also among ConsenSys’ top service.

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