Collider Labs closed a $1M investment round for investing in Blockchain startups

After adding limited partners, Collider Labs closes a $1 million round to invest the funds in blockchain and crypto startups.

By · Oct 27, 2020 . 5min read

Collider Labs investment round news

Collider Labs, an accelerator-venture builder for early-stage blockchain and crypto companies, has raised $1 million. It intends to invest the capital in early-stage blockchain and cryptocurrency startups. The announcement comes in view after the recent addition of various notable limited partners, including established blockchain executives, CEOs, founders, and traders. 

Collider Labs invests in projects linked to the new economy.

Collider Labs is actively looking to fund early-stage blockchain and crypto startups worldwide. Their agenda prioritizes projects connected to the so-called New Economy – privacy, transparency, and fairness. Nevertheless, in the short run, Collider Labs’ latest program will strive to recognize 10-12 companies worthy of funding and a hands-on “Investor in Residence” mentorship.

Founding partner, Avishay Ovadia elucidates that raising capital in the cryptocurrency space is commoditized. He says that entrepreneurs are usually attracted to investors who can offer funding, liquidity, and active participation in developing the project adjacent to founders, employees, and the community.

He also explains the difference between Collider Labs and other crypto accelerators. Avishay Ovadia says that there’s a profound urge to return to be an operator or entrepreneur in every VC. Moreover, Collider Labs is a venture builder that slightly matches an accelerator. However, with some vital components that make it very distinct from a typical accelerator.

Introducing collaborators in every project.

Collider Labs associates with early-stage companies from the beginning, offering them initial capital and a network of experts. They believe that excellent ideas and penetrations come from an atmosphere that encourages diversity and creativity. Thus, they introduce collaborators into every project to think freshly. Moreover, they appoint collaborators from top institutions or influencers or bloggers who live and breathe culture.

The company’s flagship venture fund Collider Ventures has made 15 investments since launching in 2019. Moreover, they have invested $6 million in companies. Companies include The Graph, Nexus Mutual, Efficient Frontier, Beam, ZenGo, QED-It, Fuse, and IDEX.

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