China’s Nanning City Focuses on Developing Digital Economy

China's Nanning City focuses on promotion of the digital economy. It intends to introduce projects like 5G networks, big data,blockchain, and many more

By · Aug 4, 2020 . 5min read

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According to Sina, Nanning proceeds to increase investment in the digital economy. It plans to offer full play to its benefits. Further, it intends to introduce projects like 5G networks, Internet of Things, cloud computing. Furthermore, it plans to introduce projects like big data, AI, and blockchain. Nanning City attempts to enhance data centres and 5G technologies. Accordingly, the utilization of new infrastructure like demonstration zones is adopted. It will moreover, develop ASEAN-oriented digital economy coordinated development cluster.

Things that required “long lines” and “multiple trips” can be done quickly by just clicking a mobile app. “Nanning is committed to promoting the construction of smart cities, vigorously developing the digital economy, and creating the ‘Love Nanning’ APP, making it possible to connect the city with one code, and making a happy life within reach.” Nanning citizen Yang Jing sighed.

 Therefore, to make urban life better, Nanning City concentrates on “Digital Guangxi” and “Digital Nanning.” It takes the China-ASEAN Information Port Nanning core base as the mainline. Moreover, it offers to regulate the growth of the capital’s digital economy, digital government, and smart city. The results are continually improving.

 Nanning City has accomplished noticeable results in promoting the construction of digital Guangxi and the growth of the big data industry. It has proposed core technologies. Additionally, it has established leading digital economy enterprises with independent legal personality in Guangxi. Digital economy estimates for a high proportion of new technologies, new formats, and new industries. 

The big data industry bursts with significance in Nanning City

The development of a total of 103 digital economy projects takes place in the city. Joining the China-ASEAN New Smart City Collaborative Innovation Center, unmanned supermarkets, “smart Nanning” construction achievements are eye-catching. Moreover, leading Internet companies like Huawei, Alibaba have favourably resided in the Guangdong Investment Digital Economic Demonstration Base.

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