China’s First Aerospace City to be led by Blockchain Data Firm CyberVein

Singapore-based CyberVein, becomes one of the 12 firms to help Chinese government to develop Hainan Wenchang International Aerospace City.

By · Sep 8, 2020 . 6min read

China Aerospace City news
Source : CGTN

CyberVein, a giant blockchain firm, has currently formed a partnership with the Chinese government. This collaboration will develop a blockchain-based governance system for the new aerospace smart city of China. CyberVein will assist in the construction of the Hainan Wenchang International Aerospace City of China.

CyberVein network, a Singapore-based firm, is the first Distributed Ledger System enabling the decentralized management of complex datasets on the blockchain. The city’s construction began last month only as previously, the site had a satellite launch centre.

CyberVein has unveiled that Smart Brain is the initial project of the firm. It has also declared several details concerning how blockchain technology will develop the governance model. This development of the city is a part of the Free Trade Port development initiative of Hainan. Moreover, the program will transform the island into a free trade port. Currently, the Chinese government has also teamed up with top distributed ledger technology that will work towards the development of smart cities.

CyberVein Operates With Popular Chinese Firms

According to the blog post, this will be the first aerospace cultural and tourism city of China. This city will be a centre for the development of aerospace products and services as well. The usage of all these products includes the Chinese spacecraft and the satellite launch missions. Additionally, the city will be developed in a 12 million square-meter area that will be hosting the first aerospace super-computing centre of the country.

 It will also concentrate on expanding 40 technological areas. Additionally, CyberVein will be operating along with some major Chinese firms, including Huawei and many other mainstream ones. The big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence technology of the firm will develop the Smart Brain Planning and Design Institute of the city.

Earlier, China’s Nanning proceeded to increase investment in the digital economy. It intends to provide full play to its benefits. Additionally, it aims to introduce projects like 5G networks, the Internet of Things, cloud computing. It also plans to introduce projects like big data, AI, and blockchain. Moreover, Nanning City attempts to enhance data centres and 5G technologies.

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