Chainlink’s ‘Link My Ride’ permits you to control your Tesla car

An external Chainlink adapter is capable of communicating with Tesla cars. Dubbed as 'Link My Ride,' it was developed by Harry Papacharissiou.

By · Oct 20, 2020 . 6min read

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The Chainlink external adapter ‘Link My Ride’ enables communication with Tesla Inc servers. According to a blog post, Chainlink external adapter software, which allows remote access to Tesla cars, is introduced in the market. Now Tesla vehicle owners will be capable of accessing their vehicles remotely. These servers enable interaction with Tesla vehicles and other Tesla products like Powerwalls. Moreover, Tesla cars recently possess a core adopter in their cars. Nevertheless, the accessories will provide car users to use many exciting features and functions in addition to the main features.

Harry Papacharissiou, a blockchain/DLT architect, developed Link My Ride during the 2020 Chainlink Virtual Hackathon. Moreover, he won the grand prize of $8000 for the ‘Link My Ride’ external adapter with co-developers Matt Durkin and Durken Bliths.

The external adapter is a component of a developer community for the Tesla API specification. Moreover, in-built core adapters provide particular functions with the API in the Tesla vehicles and products. The API supports vehicle horn, vehicle authentication, vehicle unlock/lock, and vehicle charge level, obtain odometer, and location data. Moreover, Harry Papacharissiou states that the addition of approximately 20 other API endpoints will take place. 

External adapters support the extension of additional and customized specifications. Furthermore, there is no requirement to operate a distinct Chainlink node in the network as external adapters can be hosted by other nodes and help secure decentralization across the network. Earlier, an integrated smart contract needed plugins in a specific hardware device to get real-life data. However, a Chainlink oracle has scaled-up the method. 

Inclusion of decentralized car renting application?

Harry Papacharissiou also plans to introduce Link My Ride decentralized car renting application. According to Harry Papacharissiou, traditional car rental methods stop vehicle owners from conserving up to 30%. Asserting that people rent vehicles relies on the brand power, the developer declares that the earnings from the vehicles they rent will prevail with the decentralized rental method.

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