Chainlink Merges With Social Network- Revolution Populi

Chainlink has merged with the social network platform Revolution Populi. The latter is integrating Chainlink aiming to provide users secure transactions.

By · Jul 16, 2020 . 7min read

Decentralized oracle network, Chainlink has merged with social network Revolution Populi. The social networking platform is integrating Chainlink. This decision is nurtured by the motive to provide users with secure transactions across its social network and digital ecosystem.

According to the Social network, the primary focus would be to provide users with control over their data. It includes determining user payments for social media activity. In addition, it allows third-party application developers build on it’s public database.

Former Goldman Sachs Vice President, Rob Rosenthal and outspoken computer scientist David Gelernter led Revolution Populi are aiming to challenge the existence of Facebook and Twitter. The report suggests that the integration of blockchain will enable users to gather much control over their data.By the end of this year, the social network is planning to raise funds for its assault on Silicon Valley.

Rob Rosenthal, chief executive of Revolution Populi stated, “We’re going to return the internet back to the people to whom it rightfully belongs, and to do that, we’re going to integrate chainlink’s powerful smart contract middleware throughout the project, which will secure point to point transactions across this new digital ecosystem and social net.”

Beginning of a Social Media War?

Revolution Populi aims to find a solution to the user’s inconvenience with how Facebook and other social media companies access their user data. According to them, the user’s demand will increase for a more secure social networking platform.

Revolution Populi is trying to establish a more secure and reliable end-to-end digital ecosystem. It relies on the decentralized blockchain-based database and data structure. Moreover, they are also aiming to provide the control of data ownership back to the people to whom it belongs.

“There’s a lot of anger towards the likes of Facebook”, Rosenthal stated. “There’s a lot of complaining. But there’s no existing solution.”

According to reports, Daniel Kochis, head of business development for Chainlink  stated, “We’re excited to provide Revolution Populi with secure and reliable oracle services to enable decentralized validation of data within their digital ecosystem”

However,the reports suggest that the social networking platform is planning to go ahead with the next stage. They are releasing its white paper and code to Github, software development platform in August.

According to Rosenthal, the integration of Chainlink will not just provide an essential layer to the project. It will also aid the oracle provider to increase further possibilities. Moreover, the technology can be utilized for other projects those are more broad-based and more ecosystem-based.

In conclusion , Chainlink has been enhanced by increased interest in decentralized finance.

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