Celsius Network’s CEO Alex Mashinsky gifts his wife 15M Celsius tokens

With 200k active users, Celsius Network's CEO Alex Mashinsky took to twitter to announce that he gifted his wife 15 million CEL tokens.

By · Oct 29, 2020 . 5min read

Celsius Network's CEO Alex Mashinsky news

Celsius Network CEO Alex Mashinsky has gifted his wife, Krissy Mashinsky, $20 million for her 50th birthday. Alex gifts her 15 million CEL tokens from Celsius, which, presumably, is currently worth $20 million. However, Alex Mashinsky still remains at the top, and his wife is the third-largest token holder, according to the list.

Celsius Network has a network of 200k active users.

Moreover, Alex Mashinsky did not notify private equity holders regarding the gift. Celsius Network is a blockchain-based lending platform. According to its official website, it has processed above $8.2 billion in loans. Moreover, it has over 200k active users and approximately $1.6 billion in community assets.

Alex Mashinsky’s move is a bit surprising in reference to the marital law that she is authorized to half of Mashinsky’s assets. Furthermore, this context is applicable if they have not signed any pre-nuptial agreement. The community and its users are contemplating the token shift. However, they are concerned about this sudden token shift.

For the uninitiated, the development of Celsius Network was in 2017. It offers a new model of financial services that operate in the best interest of the community. Moreover, it has a mobile app that enables users to receive interest on stablecoins and several cryptocurrencies. Recently, Celsius (CEL) Network has raised $20.17 million from more than 1,000 investors. 

“USA Strong” to trace the production of goods.

Meantime, the couple lately established a company that utilizes Blockchain to trace the production of real-world goods to assure they are of American origin. Nevertheless, the goods that enter the markets as “Made in the USA” are produced elsewhere. However, their company, USA Strong, will enable consumers to track from farmers to shippers — who encountered and made the products. Moreover, the company will be capable of selling products actually manufactured in America.

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