Carry Minati latest victim of Bitcoin Scam

The Indian YouTuber was targeted as a part of Bitcoin scam just two weeks after major Twitter users also had their accounts hacked into for the same reason.

By · Jul 25, 2020 . 5min read

Indian YouTuber, Carry Minati is the latest addition to the recent list of celebrities who have been targeted in a Bitcoin scam. The accounts of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos were the subject of a Twitter hack two weeks ago.

Scammers hacked the YouTuber’s account. They then live-streamed two videos titled “Ethereum Earnings Call’ and ”CHARITY STREAM: HELP ASSAM AND BIHAR”. The scammers then prompted the viewers to donate in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Scam a planned move?

The news comes barely a day after Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak filed a lawsuit against YouTube. Moreover, his claim is that YouTube has an algorithm that allows scammers to use images and videos of him to defraud users.

2020 has seen more than its fair share of Bitcoin scams. Whale Alert is of the opinion that scammers were able to steal $24 million during the first 6 months of this year. YouTube, however, claims no responsibility. Wozniak does not accept YouTube’s claim. He think that YouTube is not only aware of what is going on, but also profits off the mess. Wozniak’s lawsuit reads as follows.

“Despite Plaintiffs’ and legions of other users’ repeated pleas that YouTube take timely action to end this bitcoin giveaway scam, YouTube repeatedly delayed or refused to do so. As a result of defendants’ egregious failures to act and affirmative misconduct in promoting this criminal enterprise, Plaintiff Wozniak has suffered, and continues to suffer, irreparable harm to his reputation, and YouTube users, including plaintiffs, have been defrauded out of millions of dollars. Among other relief, Plaintiffs seek an order requiring YouTube to finally end its outrageous practice of hosting, promoting, and profiting from these criminally fraudulent videos and promotions.”

As of right now it is still unclear how much money was stolen as a result of the hacking of Carry Minati’s account.

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