Cardano’s project Catalyst voting app available for Google Play Store users

Cardano's voting app project Catalyst is now live on the Google Play Store providing voting preferences for its Cardano (ADA) coin holders.

By · Oct 29, 2020 . 6min read

Cardano project Catalyst voting app latest news

Cardano’s project Catalyst voting app is now available on the Google Play store. This signifies a huge step for the Cardano network and the rest of the crypto industry as Apple and Google have not been very optimistic when it comes to apps from the crypto sector. As a component of Cardano’s advances towards full decentralization, the network launched Project Catalyst, a new experimental treasury system linking proposal and voting procedures. This treasury system would allow a constant source of funding to promote the Cardano blockchain.

While supporting the Cardano community’s democratic culture, Project Catalyst would allow the community to make recommendations, vote on them, and finance them, according to the projects’ auditability, feasibility, and impact.

Participants who possess native cryptocurrency ADA to gain voting preferences

The Catalyst Voting app by the blockchain company behind Cardano, IOHK will be originally accessible only for Android users. The Catalyst Voting app usage includes distributing votes. It estimates the evaluation of projects on the network. Participants on the Cardano blockchain network, who possess its native cryptocurrency ADA, will have voting preferences. It will also depend on how many ADA is there in their wallet.

Furthermore, there are three more projects available. It demands financial means of $250,000 or the equivalent of almost 2 million ADA. The Catalyst App can now be utilized to distribute votes and therefore assess the respective projects. The projects include Free commerce, Lovelace Academy Marlow Plutus, and Cardano Hub.

The Free Commerce project is a decentralized marketplace. It is based on the Cardano blockchain and operates completely free of charge. Initially, a Shopify-Integration is directed and includes collecting 724,437 ADA. Lovelace Academy Marlow Plutus incorporates 25 episodes and notifies about Cardano as well as smart contracts.

With the Catalyst Voting app now available on the Google Play store, more users are capable of having easier access to vote for new initiatives. Therefore, taking the Cardano blockchain to the next level. This could also involve encouraging mass adoption, not only for the Cardano blockchain, as the app is available on the Google Play Store, which could contribute to the whole crypto industry.

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