BREAKING: Hackers are draining compromised Metamask Wallets

Some users have been reporting their peculiar hack incidents which seem to have spiked since yesterday through MetaMask Wallets.

By · Sep 19, 2020 . 5min read

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It appears hackers are presently targetting and draining compromised Metamask wallets in an ongoing attack just a day after UNI airdrop. Some users have been reporting their peculiar hack incidents which seem to have spiked since yesterday. However, as this is a developing story, it’s unclear if this a coordinated and sophisticated group.

Julien Bouteloup, an Ethereum enthusiast who constantly tweets about DeFi raised an alarm.

Someone else within the thread responded also posting transaction link to corroborate his claims.

They got me too. Drained over 1,000 UNI about an hour after I finished my last transaction.

While Metamask is yet to give any official statement on the issue, Bouteloup advises wallet users to use a hardware wallet when connecting to it.

Please don’t use @metamask_io without @Ledger. Remove your fund ASAP if you can’t play with money you can’t afford to lose. A hacker is currently draining compromised wallets.

One of those whom hackers drained compromised Metamask wallet in June mentioned that it might not necessarily be a root problem from the wallet company. According to one of her tweets, she had mistakenly posted her mnemonic phrase in a Github.

Some hacker incidents of compromised Metamask wallets did not stem from flaws in the code of the wallet.

I accidentally pushed my mnemonic phrase up to GitHub a few months ago. I deleted it immediately, and I thought it was a private repo but I can’t remember now. But that’s the only way I can think of that someone got access to it

Also, another user to corroborate that hackers targeting compromised Metamask wallets since the UNI airdrop posted proof. He posted the transaction link showing he lost around $40,000 to hackers and also said:

Guys those claimed the uni tokens using especially form cloudflare link posted by uniswap in twitter please change your funds to other accounts hackers are hacking it i lost 40k worth yfII tokens today

Whatever is the case, it’s best to take proper security measures like using a hardware wallet and also looking out for any official statement from the Metamask team.

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