Brave Browser Integrates Cybersecurity Firm PhishFort to Prevent Phishing Scams

Brave Browser now adds open-source anti-phishing solutions from PhishFort that uses Ghostlink technology to detect Phishing scams.

By · Sep 9, 2020 . 6min read

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Brave, a privacy-focused browser, has currently integrated open-source anti-phishing solutions from PhishFort. Brave stated that the firm’s software would detect crypto scams. PhishFort is a cybersecurity firm. It strives towards helping the firms to block phishing attacks. In the phishing scams, the attackers frequently target the victim in which they demand several pieces of information that lead to a fake website.

Brave is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software Inc. based on the Chromium Web Browser. It blocks ads and website trackers, thus offers users a way to transfer cryptocurrency contributions in Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) to websites and content creators.

Whereas PhishFort provides anti-phishing solutions to some of the most critical risk industries in the world. PhishFort employs multiple layers of defence to build an effective end to end anti-phishing strategy. Additionally, one of the technologies that PhishFort stations to battle phishing are its Ghostlink technology.

Intricate Details about Brave and PhishFort’s Integration

According to the Brave browser, the firm’s software will support identifying several crypto scams with new solutions. Along with this, it will also notify all the users if they discover any suspicious domains. The browser now implements the open-source technology of PhishFort, an anti-phishing and brand protection firm.

Till date, Brave has unveiled very minimum data concerning this integration with PhishFort. In June, PhishFort issued a report stating that most of the attackers generally target the app that is quite familiar and utilized by most people. Further, it also states that any crypto user’s username and password could be seen as starting any problem. With this, the phishers manage to misuse various tools that the crypto users nearly utilize to interface with their crypto.

PhishFort as a Shield For Various Crypto Companies

PhishFort has already collaborated with crypto companies such as Binance Labs and MyEtherWallet and has been at the vanguard of discovering and spreading Web3 phishing scams. It has been supporting various crypto companies to stay away from the phishing attacks.

In April, it helped remove 49 Google Chrome extensions targeting both hardware and software wallet holders with phishing scams. The scammers were attacking these wallet holders to steal their crypto assets. However, a large number of people have lost millions of funds to such phishing scams only. Moreover, Brave has been quite popular among users for its privacy and ad-blocking features. Recently, the platform has approximately 18.3 million of active users.

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