Blockstream launches its Scam Database to fight ongoing scammers

The global blockchain technology leader, Blockstream launches it's Blockchain Scam Database to counter hackers pretending to be associated with it.

By · Jul 26, 2020 . 5min read

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Blockstream reportedly launched its Blockstream Scam Database on 25th July, 2020. Blockstream is a global leader in blockchain technology. It caters to products and services that set a firm foundation of financial infrastructure.The former launched its Scam databases in order to suppress the efforts of hackers and scammers aiming to tarnish the Blockstream brand with it’s continuous efforts.

There is a ongoing rise of phishing, email and social media hacks in the current scenario.Therefore, its important for companies to take steps like this to create awareness in the community. This will lead to users authenticating and verifying information in case of stumbling upon a possible hack. We recently reported on how Indian Youtuber, Carry Minati’s youtube account was hacked for a Bitcoin scam. Also, twitter accounts of some of the famous personalities were hacked demanding for Bitcoins.

Blockstream Scam Database – A threat to Blockstream related scammers

Over the couple of years, Blockstream has significantly seen an increase in reports relating to phishing sites and social media accounts pretending to be associated with Blockstream. This is with a motive of stealing user funds and personal information. Blocksteam has released a directory mentioning the fake sites, fake emails, fake accounts, and job listings associated with the Blockstream brand. Thus, it advocates its users to verify the authenticity of the same by reducing the possibility of a Blocksteam related scam.

The report further includes the information related to the real company services, social media accounts and websites associated with the Blockstream brand. It also includes all necessary contact methods of reaching out to the company. They have also released a Report a Scam form in case you encounter or find indications of a potential scam. Moreover, they have stressed on explaining details of the same. Therefore, this will help the company in reporting the scam to the relevant authorities. Otherwise, adding it to the existent directory.

Thus Blockstream is striving towards helping its community in all possible ways it could.

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