Blockstream Launches Fully-Open Source AQUA Wallet

Blockstream has launched AQUA Wallet to ease buying and selling of Bitcoin, Liquid Bitcoin, USDt, and other Liquid assets.

By · Sep 28, 2020 . 6min read

Blockstream Launches AQUA Wallet latest news
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Bitcoin infrastructure company, Blockstream announced the launch of the AQUA, a non-custodial wallet, today via twitter. The wallet signifies the second mobile wallet project under Blockstream’s parasol after procuring GreenAddress in 2016. Additionally, AQUA is the result of years of hard work from the Blockstream Green team. The Green Development Kit (GDK) offered secure, reliable support for the production of AQUA. AQUA will originally be available on iOS and support Bitcoin as well as any Liquid assets. Liquid is a sidechain-based settlement network for traders and exchanges to enable faster, more confidential Bitcoin transactions and the issuance of digital assets. 

Say hello to #AQUA: Blockstream’s new #Bitcoin and #LiquidNetwork wallet built for the mass adoption of #digitalassets.

Blockstream on Twitter

Blockstream makes transferring and receiving assets in AQUA smooth without complicated characteristics. AQUA gives you access to all of your Bitcoin, Liquid Bitcoin, USDt, and other Liquid assets. Prominently, AQUA users will be capable of skipping the recovery phrase backup step during the wallet formulation process and opt to write down their 12-word recovery phrase at a later point in time. Users can also acquire bitcoin directly in the app utilizing a debit card or Apple Pay. The AQUA wallet is fully open-source, making it available to all Liquid Federation members who manage and support the Liquid Network. It will offer a branded wallet experience and utilize the AQUA codebase for fast deployments. 

How is AQUA Distinct from Blockstream Green?

Before releasing the AQUA wallet, Liquid users had limitations in their wallet choice, with Blockstream Green being the only mobile wallet option next to several exchanges and the Elements Core desktop wallet. Blockstream Green is an industry-leading Bitcoin wallet, providing Bitcoin users with an unrivalled blend of security and ease-of-use.

However, Blockstream states that it will develop Blockstream Green and AQUA in parallel. Blockstream Green will be aimed at power users who want more control and privacy features like Tor and AQUA, providing fresh or casual Bitcoin users that desire to keep things as easy as possible. Blockstream Green supports all major operating systems. However, AQUA is available on iOS.

Conclusively, the AQUA wallet is fully open-source, permitting you to use a fully-functional wallet for the Liquid Network immediately. Additionally one can save lots of time as transactions on the Liquid Network are fully settled in two minutes. One can also backup the wallet at any time by recording a simple recovery phrase.

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