Blockchain Institute established in Beijing, aims to channelize the Chinese workforce

A local news in Beijing, China informs about the establishment of Blockchain institute in order to empower Chinese Engineers in the Blockchain Industry

By · Aug 7, 2020 . 4min read

Blockchain institute in Beijing

According to the bjnews, from China reports the establishment of an institute for blockchain engineers. The name of the institute is ‘Beijing Institute of Engineers’. He Kebin, professor at Tsinghua University and researcher at Chinese Academy of Engineering will serve as the chairman.

The university will rely on Tsinghua University to carry out its courses. Its aim is to engage in student exchanges, training, evaluation, certification to promote the talent growth of engineers. The university will have a keen interest in emerging technology. They will pay special attention to artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain.

The institute aims to train engineers and form evaluation standards that are in line with international standards. They will achieve this by cooperating with the relevant international engineering institutions. Additionally, they will uphold competitive certification standards.

The Beijing Institute of Engineers will consist of the Tsinghua University, Beijing Automotive Group, Beijing Science and Technology Consulting Center. Moreover, it will include renowned academics and professors from leading institutes in China.

During an interview with a Beijing publication, He Kebin stated that the average salary for an engineer in China is not very high. Most engineers seek opportunities elsewhere. He also stated that the university aims to qualify engineers of an international standard. Chinese companies are increasingly competing for international contracts. Moreover, it would need the skillset to back up their claim. Kebin also emphasized on the importance of engineers engaging in sustainable practices.

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