Blockchain Based NEM Ventures Funds SharpShark

Blockchain VC fund NEM Ventures has funded in SharpShark. It will create a digital signature for content creators that will be issued to text and images.

By · Aug 4, 2020 . 5min read

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Blockchain venture capital fund NEM Ventures has reportedly funded in SharpShark. The latter is a Chilean startup using the Symbol blockchain platform. It offers timestamping solutions for content creators. Accordingly, it assists to guard their intellectual properties. Further, it will also allow them to tokenize or transfer their creations. 

Nem Ventures’s initiative for Content creators and blockchain digital protection 

SharpShark supports creators, according to a report. Creators range from writers, academics, and journalists to photographers, artists, and designers. The platform will produce a digital signature. Thus, text assigns to digital signature, and images to the Symbol blockchain. Moreover, it enables storing the data in an immutable form. It is docile with privacy policies. 

SharpShark’s primary use cases span media, academia, and user-generated content platforms. This enables media outlets to monetize content. Linking anti-plagiarism detection, timestamping into one unified solution monetizes the content, accordingly. Further, academics can eliminate academic misconduct. It establishes a priority of findings. Additionally, creatives like photographers, artists, designers can use SharpShark to prove authorship. They can also effectively track their creations in one consolidated space.

Kailin O’Donnell, Co-Founder and General Partner at NEM Ventures added:

“Existing timestamping solutions have fallen short and copyright deposits are extremely costly. SharpShark’s digital timestamping service records artwork, aiming to protect creators’ moral rights by detecting plagiarism and copyright infringement.”

Sasha Ivanova, CEO and Co-Founder of SharpShark, commented: 

“As long-standing members of the blockchain community, we’ve followed the NEM Ventures project for years, and the Symbol blockchain suits perfectly for intellectual property management. The symbol has a layered architecture that enables trustlessness and performance optimization, which was a natural fit for our solution. We’re excited to work with the NEM Ventures team to further develop our product, with the aim of making copyright and intellectual property protection more accessible and equitable.”

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