BlockApps launches TraceHarvest, a blockchain network

The blockchain platform provider BlockApps launches blockchain-based TraceHarvest Network in partnership with pharmaceutical giant Bayer.

By · Nov 23, 2020 . 6min read

BlockApps launches TraceHarvest latest news

Blockchain provider, BlockApps launches blockchain-based TraceHarvest Network in association with Bayer Crop Science. TraceHarvest Network is a food traceability platform that traces crops from buying the seed. Bayer has been an enthusiastic user of the system for the past two years in the U.S. and Brazil. The initiative is the first blockchain solution of its kind to trace and track the complete lifecycle of agricultural products starting with the seed source. 

The manufacturers, farmers, distributors, and processors can utilize the same network to track where their products are moving. It is only possible via the launch of TraceHarvest Network by BlockApps. The TraceHarvest Network operates on BlockApps’ cloud-agnostic STRATO platform. Moreover, it is a flexible, enterprise-grade, Ethereum-based blockchain solution for developing and running business networks with built-in security. This shared infrastructure incentivizes more comprehensive cooperation within businesses and farmers. 

BlockApp’s TraceHarvest traces seeds before planting.

TraceHarvest distinguishes itself from other farm supply chain blockchains by tracing seeds before planting. This also involves where they are from and the source of purchase. This platform will establish new standards in sustainability, encouraging digital conversion and food system resiliency that will mould the fate of the agriculture industry.

TraceHarvest intends to optimize farmers and business operators by allowing them to carry products to markets quicker and securely via tracing compliance in production with worldwide regulations. However, the network is accessible to all supply chain participants like distributors, manufacturers, and technology providers.

 BlockApps emphasizes that the network is hugely scalable. It enables members to attach business processes, use cases, and tech integrations onto the same platform. TraceHarvest’s benefits involve greater operational efficiencies and value improved visibility, transparency, and compliance in supply chains.

In the future, BlockAppps envisions the platform will be utilized for carbon offsetting, crediting, and food safety recalls. Moreover, it insists that data distribution on the network will inspire and reward sustainable systems throughout the supply chain. 

Blockchain adoption in the agriculture sector is increasing. Earlier, IBM declared that two Olive oil suppliers are using its IBM Food trust. Spanish olive oil cooperative Conde de Benalúa and Argentinian olive oil supplier Rolar de Cuyo are the industry’s latest producers to implement IBM Food Trust. Moreover, the platform intends to track the supply chain of olive oil to assure quality and authenticity to customers.

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