BlackBerry partners with Intel to tackle Cryptojacking

Blackberry executive, Josh Lemos spoke about the increase in cryptojacking attacks. He also explained how Blackberry is working with Intel to combat this.

By · Aug 4, 2020 . 4min read

Blackberry with Intel

The VP of Research and Intelligence at BlackBerry Josh Lemos spoke to Cointelegraph about cryptojacking. Cryptojacking occurs when attackers capitalize on the vulnerabilities of a network.

The attacks can be either internal or external. Attackers have used the valid entitlements to make money off illegally mined assets. They use the victim company’s network resources to do this.

Blackberry’s Josh Lemos thinks that most companies are not well equipped to deal with this problem as of right now. He told in the interview that crypto mining apps are getting more and more sophisticated. There are many different ways in which they run. For instance, some apps have Javascript running on a website ‘as a watering hole attack’. Other apps embed themselves in a spear-phishing email to supply chain attacks. Miners embed themselves in docker hub images and unsafe browser extensions.

Lemos also finds that Monero (XMR) is the popular choice of currency for attackers.

“Monero is pitched as more lucrative to the average user due to the nature of the mining algorithm. Anytime you have uneducated users looking for a quick buck, you will have more opportunities for exploitation. The old adage still holds true: the best way to get rich in a gold rush is to sell shovels. In this case, the shovels also contain malware.”

As a response to the growing number of cryptojacking attacks, Blackberry has partnered with Intel to detect even the most advanced of malware. Blackberry Optics CAE uses Intel’s Threat Detection Technology to give companies advanced security.

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