BitPrime exchange partners Simplex for credit card crypto purchases

BitPrime crypto exchange partners with Simplex to provide its growing users the option of purchasing digital assets with credit or debit card

By · Nov 26, 2020 . 5min read

BitPrime exchange partners Simplex crypto cards latest news

New Zealand based BitPrime cryptocurrency exchange has partnered with Simplex to enable its growing users the option of purchasing digital assets with credit or debit card.

As reported by Scoop Business, BitPrime announced this on the 25th of November in a press release and this will be among the very first time a local cryptocurrency exchange in New Zealand will make provision for cryptocurrency purchase through cards.

According to BitPrime, its growing customers have been requesting the exchange to support purchase through debit/credit card. With this onboarding of an onramp feature for crypto purchase,

Ross Carter Brown while commenting on the partnership said

“We’re taking cryptocurrency to the world. Our new credit card payment gateway allows us to service customers from 178 different countries. We know that New Zealand is a desirable jurisdiction to do business for many people, especially for financial services. That’s due to our strong personal property protections, political stability, and low corruption. Our partnership with Simplex is a crucial piece of infrastructure that will help meet that demand”

On the other hand, Simplex prides itself as a leader in the onramp business of cryptocurrencies had its CEO say

”Simplex gives anyone, anywhere the ability to buy any digital assets easily and securely. Our partnership with BitPrime empowers millions to onramp conveniently, using their bank cards.”

Nimrod Lehavi, CEO Simplex

Top exchanges like Huobi and Binance have added support for a list of fiat currencies using the Simplex solution. Moreso, leading CeFi lending platform Celsius also integrated Simplex to help its customers purchase and withdraw fiats.

BitPrime with Simplex integration growing to fill the void CryptoPia left behind.

Recall that BitPrime is a New Zealand exchange which operates on the same turf where the now-defunct CryptoPia operated. Moreover, the latter was hacked in January 2019 with the hackers making off with an estimated NZ$23 million (or USD 16 million).

The exchange didn’t survive the hack, and it underwent liquidation by Federal prosecutors. Meanwhile, BitPrime is stepping up to the challenge and serve its growing customers. The birth home of the extinct Kiwi birds is also very much crypto savvy.

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