bitFlyer Europe introduces Cross-Border platform connecting Europe with Japan

Users in Europe will have access to Japan's great bitcoin market with the help of bitFlyer's cross-border trading platform.

By · Oct 1, 2020 . 5min read

bitFlyer Europe introduces Cross-Border trading latest news
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Cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer Europe declares that it has launched cross-border trading on its platform. Thus, offering its users in Europe with access to Japan’s bitcoin markets from its European-regulated platform. Additionally, bitFlyer assumes that the launch of this cross-border trading is a massive breakthrough for the firm. It will make trading remarkably simple, comfortable, and fast for the users who trade utilizing Euros. 

For the very first time, bitFlyer Europe users will be able to access one of the largest bitcoin markets in the world: Japan. All under the umbrella of our European-regulated platform.

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bitFlyer’s Cross-Border trading platform to transform the Crypto Industry 

bitFlyer is the first exchange to be authorized to trade in Japan, Europe, and the US. Moreover, it is also the first to facilitate cross-border access to liquidity in the Japanese Yen. Japan has one of the greatest Bitcoin markets globally. It has approximately 20% of the total BTC to Fiat trading volume. Crypto exchange bitFlyer intends to establish itself as a global player in the crypto space with this cross-border trading launch.

The arrival of Cross-Border Trading for its European users is a first step towards enabling access to all available trading pairs in all regions. This includes BTC / JPY in the US, BTC / USD in Europe and Japan, and BTC / EUR in Japan and the US. Additionally, users trading BTC/JPY through bitFlyer Europe will still fall beneath European privacy policies. However, their rights will prevail the same.

Some of the advantages of cross-border trading include increased liquidity, which allows for faster execution of trades. This, in turn, can decrease the uncertainty of slippage and spread between buy and sell prices. bitFlyer predicts the new feature to benefit traders looking to handle large volumes. Andy Bryant, COO of bitFlyer Europe, says that the launch of cross-border trading is a revolutionary step for the crypto industry. Moreover, he states that the firm is excited about this launch. He further says that the platform can offer a better experience for the traders and users.

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