Introduces Fundraising Campaign for BCH

Hayden Otto, has launched a fundraising campaign to develop viral videos. It plans to boost BCH among mainstream viewers via the campaign.

By · Aug 17, 2020 . 6min read

Bitcoin Cash Fundraising

Hayden Otto, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) advocate and CEO of, has started a fundraising campaign to develop viral videos. It intends to promote BCH among mainstream viewers via the campaign. The announcement comes after it fails to attract crypto converts to the cause. Hayden Otto launched this campaign on the Flipstarter platform. Flipstarter is a platform that has facilitated more than 2,900 BCH worth of contributions toward several initiatives. Furthermore, it also promotes Bitcoin Cash development.

The campaign intends to raise 650 BCH (about $180,000) and has received 192.52 BCH (approx $53,000) in donations in the first 48 hours. The budget for the videos is approximately $5,000 or $10,000 each. The videos will go viral on Youtube,, and Bitchute, alongside other “alternative streaming sites.” 

BitcoinBCH Exploring Flipstarter Fundraising Campaign

Various campaigns launched on Flipstarter concentrate on infrastructure and third-party development states Hayden Otto. He further elucidates that he will monitor and handle the funds donated through the Flipstarter campaign. However, will look after the marketing campaigns and promotions. 

However, the viewers can find the videos on the portal. Haydon Otto further details the content of the videos posted and promoted on the platform. He states that the video’s content would mostly encompass English and Chinese languages to attract more viewers. 

“It came to my attention that some would prefer to donate funds to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) marketing efforts rather than development,” Otto states in his fundraiser description. “This is an area lacking attention, and I am proposing that 650 BCH in donations are raised to produce Bitcoin Cash (BCH) marketing material in the form of high-quality videos.”

“The funds will not be used for business activities,” Otto further emphasized. “The core team members are Hayden Otto and Sam Fregonese, who have together produced Bitcoin Cash video productions,” he added.

The last video published by Otto had approximately 100,000 views across various social platforms. Earlier a video went viral indicating that Hayden Otto used a double-spend exploit on Australian retailers who utilize TravelbyBit’s payment processing network to accept Bitcoin. However, TravelbyBit considers Bitcoin Cash is also vulnerable to double-spending attacks like others.

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