Bitcoin Suisse raises 45 million Swiss Francs in the latest round of funding

Bitcoin Suisse has announced that it has raised 45 million Swiss Francs during its latest round of funding which takes the company's value up to 300 million

By · Jul 28, 2020 . 5min read

Bitcoin Suisse latest news

Bitcoin Suisse has announced that it has raised 45 million Swiss Francs on Friday. Roger Studer led the series A funding round where the money was raised. Studer is the former head of the Vontobel Investment Group.

About Bitcoin Suisse

Bitcoin Suisse was founded in 2013 and is a crypto-financial services firm. It has been a major influencer in terms of shaping the crypto infrastructure in Switzerland. It hosts two major crypto-related conferences in the country as well. The company was the service provider when Zug, a small town in Switzerland, became the first public entity to accept Bitcoin back in 2016. Swiss authorities regulate the company. The company plans to function as a Swiss bank and is currently undergoing the process to do so.

The valuation of the company is now at 302.5 million Swiss Francs after the latest round of funding. Niklas Nikolajsen, Chairman and Founder of Bitcoin Suisse, stated:

“The Series A fundraising we have concluded today is a milestone in the history of Bitcoin Suisse. The strength of our business model, experience, and the attractiveness of our strategy and business plan have now been validated by the market and by the investors.”

Dr. Arthur Vayloyan, CEO of Bitcoin Suisse, further commented:

“Bitcoin Suisse has a unique opportunity to leverage the potential of the still nascent digital asset market and to create substantial value for our clients and investors. The success of our capital increase confirms our position as a leader and provides us with the necessary capital base, resources and strength to continue pioneering the digital asset sector as it develops towards an institutional scale industry.”

Additional services offered by Suisse

Apart from trading crypto and precious metals, it offers customers collateralized lending and cold storage options. Customers can also stake their crypto assets wherein the assets perform tasks for the blockchain and can earn money in return. Bitcoin Suisse also has its own stablecoin. The Swiss Franc backs this stablecoin. Clients have the option of parking their assets in the CryptoFranc. They can utilize the same when they need to escape the volatility of the crypto market.

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