Bitcoin ABC about to hardfork Bitcoin Cash network

Amaury Séchet who controls Bitcoin ABC gave this notice without any due recourse for consultations with the other Bitcoin Cash stakeholders.

By · Sep 6, 2020 . 6min read

Bitcoin ABC news

Ongoing recent developments point towards a possible Bitcoin ABC hard fork from its the Bitcoin Cash network.

Roger Ver, the main backer of Bitcoin Cash – BCH, a cryptocurrency harforked from Bitcoin tweeted that,

Bitcoin ABC and @deadalnix have announced that they are forking away from #BitcoinCash on Nov 15th. We wish them good luck with their new coin and thank them for the free airdrop to all BCH holders.

To begin with, Bitcoin ABC, a full node software for Bitcoin Cash announced it would be enabling a new coinbase rule in Bitcoin Cash network upgrade slated to happen in November this year. Apparently, Amaury Séchet, who controls Bitcoin ABC, gave this notice without any due recourse for consultations with the other Bitcoin Cash stakeholders. The new coinbase rule proposal where Bitcoin ABC collects 8% of coinbase rewards also comes without question. Amaury Séchet vows to pursue it to finality.

Amaury Séchet’s unilateral decision on the new coinbase rule has sparked off outrage in BCH community.

Bitcoin Cash gives rebuttal on Amaury Séchet’s claims.

Consequently, in a lengthy but highly detailed rebuttal, George Donnelly, a business developer at Bitcoin Cash, explains the implications of Amaury’s move. According to George Donnelly, Bitcoin ABC’s move to hardfork from Bitcoin cash is hinged on the following premises;

His first claim is that BCH protocol development is heavily underfunded. Amaury Séchet no one wants to fund Bitcoin ABC enough to do more than maintenance. Also, Amaury says Bitcoin ABC has been working hard for three years and deserves funding. Donnelly in his rebuttal disagreed. His piece claims there are significant funds available to Bitcoin ABC

In other claims, Amaury Séchet claims that the protocol developers working on Bitcoin Cash are incompetent in one way or another. Donnelly of course disagrees. He argues against Amaury’s position. He cited the BCHN contributors of the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem capability. However, the latter still hardforked Bitcoin ABC codebase.

Amaury claims he is repeatedly and frequently criticized in an incorrect or outright rude way by others. Well, Donnelly argues that is not a big deal and that Amaury should deal with it. He asks him to look away from the criticisms.

Now to the crux of the matter which is the 8% coinbase rule, Amaury takes an unpopular position. He claims it will perfectly align the incentives of Bitcoin ABC with those of the ecosystem as a whole. Donnelly flatly disagrees and that if allowed alters the BCH protocol dangerously. He claims that the alignment is, in fact, asymmetrical and puts too many powers in one man.

In all, the post highlights the fact that the overwhelming majority of the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem is against Amaury Séchet and his proposed new coinbase rule.

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