Binance bounty reward of $200,000 to investigators for identifying exchange hackers

Crypto exchange Binance has awarded $200,000 to DOJ investigators for identifying the attackers involved in the phishing campaign of the exchange in 2018.

By · Nov 13, 2020 . 6min read

Binance bounty reward latest news

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has revealed it is awarding $200,000 to a team of investigators for presenting information about attackers and for the particulars about the occurrence of the attack in March 2018. According to the blog post, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) recognized two individuals accountable for the phishing attack. Post the identification, the office of Foreign Assets Control declared sanctions linked to the individuals. 

The attackers developed phishing sites to imitate Binance. It accumulated sensitive information, involving login details, and then applied those details to shape the attack. Post the attack, Binance declared a bounty worth $250,000 for any guidance or data driving to the arrest of the attackers. Moreover, the security team at Binance supported the law enforcement agencies by filling on the findings of the private investigator.

Binance awards $200,000 to DOJ for investigating the hack.

According to the blog post, the exchange co-operated with U.S. agencies to assist in the classification of suspects. Furthermore, two Russian individuals, Danil Potekhin and Dimitrii Kamasavidi are the alleged culprits of the phishing scheme. Binance elucidates that back then, it commenced awarding a $250,000 reward for data leading to the arrest of the attackers. However, in that month it received a long-form report from a team of researchers on one of the attackers.

Following the DOJ officially recognized and sanctioned the criminals, Binance states it is awarding DOJ $200,000 for their work. It will provide the remaining $50,000 once the attackers are in custody. The U.S. Department of Justice appended that both alleged perpetrators carried out similar attacks on other exchanges. Moreover, it involves Gemini, Poloniex, and Bittrex.

Recently, crypto users have squandered millions of dollars in phishing campaigns. The exchanges across the globe are marching up the security along with awareness campaigns to prevent such incidents. Moreover, Binance has taken various efforts to eliminate cryptocurrency frauds via multiple methods. It involves the CryptoSafe Alliance. The collaboration states, among other things, a blacklist of member-submitted addresses. These addresses can be blacklisted if they are found to complicit in criminal activities. Criminal activities involve extortion, fraud, theft, and money laundering.

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