Binance Australia Collaborates with Blockchain Australia for Blockchain Adoption

Binance Australia associates with Blockchain Australia to enhance blockchain technology adoption to transform the economy.

By · Sep 27, 2020 . 6min read

Today, it was announced that Binance Australia collaborates with Blockchain Australia, stating that it will enhance its blockchain adoption. According to the blog post, as a partner of Blockchain Australia, Binance Australia will work beside various other local industries to enhance blockchain technology adoption in the country. Blockchain Australia is the leading industry body for Australian businesses and professionals competing in the digital economy through blockchain technology.

Steve Vallas, the CEO of Blockchain Australia, shares his views on the collaboration. He says that the company is delighted to collaborate with Binance Australia. He further states that if both companies aspire to generate awareness concerning blockchain technology throughout the country, it would be more beneficial to associate with some industry leaders across the economy. Vallas states that the company’s partnership with the exchange will be profitable for both companies. Also, their partnership will bring in more global connections to the company’s membership base.

Binance Australia Develops Significant Relationship

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Binance Australia, Jeff Yew, the company is willing to function with those industries supporting discussion and education related to blockchain in the country. Thus it aims to expedite its usage. Moreover, while commenting on the collaboration, he elucidates that the country requires to grab the opportunities provided by blockchain technology. He further states that the company is happy to join Blockchain Australia as it will work with the industry to promote a continued focus on financial service innovation.

Jeff Yew also says that since Binance launched, it has associated with all the leading companies. Thus, establishing the position of Binance at the centre of the industry. Therefore, the exchange is capable of building significant relationships with regulators, peers, and policymakers. Yew considers that the exchange would perform a prominent role in blockchain’s future in the country.

To sum up, this collaboration will fulfil both the companies vision to witness an Australia that leads globally in the adoption of blockchain technology. It aspires to revolutionize the economy and society to achieve significantly higher competitiveness, efficiency, social engagement, service quality, and employment.

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