Binance Asks Crypto Twitter: 95% Fundamentals, 5% Attention?

It is asking which projects within the blockchain and wide cryptocurrency industry has the characteristics: 95% Fundamentals and 5% Attention.

By · Jul 12, 2020 . 7min read

In a recent twitter post, Binance decides to ask crypto twitter. It is asking which projects within the blockchain and wide cryptocurrency industry has the characteristics: 95% Fundamentals and 5% Attention.

The Malta-registered cryptocurrency exchange which has been on an acquisition spree with Swipe as its latest addition. It has grown massively in just 3 years since its establishment.

Binance has over 1.1 million followers on Twitter with services spanning more than 180 countries of the world. With an active community across social media, it engages regularly with her community in some of the most creative ways.

95% Fundamental 5% Attention Banter

This tweet or trolling like it might be perceived in other quarters has seen interesting comments. An example is Justin Sun, founder of the TRON Network, another prolific twitter user with over 2 million followers.

As typical of Justin Sun, he missed no opportunity in shilling TRX and BTT representing TRON Public Blockchain and BitTorrent, one of the foremost peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol both of which he runs.

Other crypto and blockchain project leads have swarmed the thread to promote their projects. One of such is

Several crypto enthusiasts have been shilling their preferred project. But Electra which describes itself as a secure, decentralized, open-source, community-driven P2P cryptocurrency project that is lightning fast at near-zero fees has been buzzing in that thread. ElectraCoin’s community seem to be bent on shilling their project and making a mark on this thread. Electra’s official twitter handle stepped up to stamp its presence.

Decred and Quant Network are two other projects that are going strong in the thread.

What does Binance hope to achieve with this Tweet?

If you decide to preempt what Binance will do after this tweet, then you might just be actively speculation, an act which is rife in crypto space. Clearly, for many, their objective will differ in the 95% Fundamental 5% Attention banter. Take for instance Justin Sun who tweeted promoting his projects, both TRX and BTT are already listed on Binance with huge volumes making them rank among the top 100 coins in cryptocurrency on Coinmarketcap.

On the other hand, Electra would consider it a dream come true getting noticed and subsequently being listed on the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trade volume.

The thread is still unfolding, let’s see what happens. Whether it is just the usual Binance crypto twitter engagement strategy or something else considered wild. Perhaps like getting an absurdly low attention-receiving project listed on its exchange because it got huge chatters on social media just like Dogecoin’s recent TikTok challenge, we are about to find out.

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