Andre Cronje who stands the risk of being sued issues statement on his ‘test in prod’ process

In his clarification post, Andre Cronje states that he doesn't build for speculators but developers in respect to the failed Eminence project

By · Oct 20, 2020 . 6min read

Andre Cronje issues statement news

Legendary developer and founder of the Yearn Finance DeFi project Andre Cronje has released a statement clarifying his popular “I test in prod” developer process as it concerns his activities in the blockchain community.

After staying off social media due to the failed Eminence DeFi project where an alleged hacker rug pulled other contributors carting away with $15 million, a coalition of aggrieved contributors have already started crowdfunding to bring a class-action lawsuit against Cronje.

In his clarification Medium post, Andre Cronje stated clearly that he doesn’t build for speculators but developers. Quite critical, Andre Cronje has become somewhat of a demigod due to the success of the Yearn project. His tweets and comments somewhat appear to “move” the market, especially for newer DeFi projects. Embattled Cronje lays it out clearly that his “core goal is tooling, to enable other developers to easily be able to use/inherit templates” he designs.

Specifically, Cronje calls out the “greedy” attitude of actors within the DeFi space. In his statement, Andre sets the record straight that tokens are not stocks. Due to the highly speculative spirits of degens, most have bought protocol tokens that were supposed to be earned via protocol interaction. Addressing this in his post, Cronje said,

People treat them like stocks, in defi, tokens are a coordination mechanism. If you have tokens, it is because you want to be a contributor, not a bystander.

Clearly, those who invest in stocks do so to earn dividends and possibly sell-off upon stock appreciation. Per Adam Cronje’s Medium post clarifying his “test in prod”, degens are getting it wrong to think of tokens as traditional stocks.

Tokens, when designed for their specific system, don’t care about their price, it doesn’t matter, all they care about is that 1 = 1

Andre Cronje lays down ways on how he manages his test in prod development process.

Andre Cronje mentions that he regrets his famous “test in prod” phrase he attached to his social handles. However, he made attempts at explaining how exactly that works. Even though he has presented this severally while interacting with others on social media, Cronje says the process takes at six stages. And it is not until the 5th stage does he deploy contracts to mainnet. This is contrary to what most have come to think of the Solidity developer whiz.

After Andre Cronje shed more light on “I test in prod” coding philosophy, he clarifies he is not Yearn. That is to say; he doesn’t control the highly successful project that has warped into a full-blown ecosystem.

To conclude, Cronje assures his fans that he plans to keep building tools and projects in collaboration with others. While many of his future projects may blow up (like Eminence), he hopes to spin off another Yearn Finance story.

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