Alpha Release of New Golem Network Targets Developers

Golem, a decentralized computing power-sharing network, declared the alpha release of the new Golem network.

By · Aug 24, 2020 . 5min read

Golem releases new Golem Network for Developers

Golem, a decentralized computing power-sharing network, unveiled a new version of its network. It declared the alpha release of the new Golem network, which concentrates on easing application development. Golem is a project build on the Ethereum network. It tries to use and combine the power of computers and data centres already out there into a supercomputer that anyone can use. 

As we have been mentioning in our communications over the last few months, we have made use of all the experience we had gathered while developing and running Brass and then Clay Golem. We spent countless days and nights thinking about how we could address what’s most important to our users and for the future of Golem and arrived at a strong vision of what we want to build.”

Golem on the release of new Golem Version

Intricate Details about Golem’s Alpha Release

The update runs on the Alpha testnet. In this very early Alpha release, Golem is mainly concentrating on Developers. Earlier, developers requested to launch their apps on the Golem network. Thus, it has set up a network of testnet providers so that developers can deploy and runs their tasks and can execute it successfully.

Developers can convert their dockerized images into Golem’s customized custom virtual machine image format. Golem further added that it utilizes an already established API to connect with containers. Golem states that the network can be used for a myriad of use-cases that can make a difference. It invites users to provide their valuable suggestions to enhance their experience on the network. It states that the user should Install and Run Alpha. They can fill out the feedback form and submit to the Gitcoin Bounty. At the same time, if the users have ideas, they can pitch it at

Earlier this year, Golem launched a proof of device concept for identity authentication. The purpose is to let users validate their hardware and verify identity in an anonymous yet trusted manner. The research stemmed from Golem’s obligation to secure its own permissionless, anonymous network against Sybil attacks.

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