Albany Airport uses GE’s blockchain-based Wellness Trace App for Covid-19

New York’s Albany Airport is utilizing GE's blockchain-based Wellness Trace App to make the air travel experience safer during Covid-19.

By · Nov 16, 2020 . 6min read

Albany Airport Wellness Trace App news
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New York’s Albany International Airport has become the first one to commence utilizing a new blockchain-based smartphone application. The application utilizes QR codes to show travelers’ real-time tracking of sanitation of touchpoints and surfaces throughout terminals, restaurants, and other areas. Albany airport has started using GE’s ‘Wellness Trace App’ to focus on how to clean the surfaces and articles in the airport owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Wellness Trace App was launched by General Electric (GE) in late June in collaboration with TE-FOOD and Eurofins. It offers a platform for airports and airlines to trace Covid-19 screening for travellers and establish protocols for tracing the cleanliness of the airport or aircraft. Albany Airport is its first consumer with the primary focus on the airport cleanliness aspect. However, GE Aviation is not a newcomer to the blockchain. Its blockchain platform can trace maximum things. It includes cleaning, health certificates, and aircraft parts.

Wellness Trace App offers information about sanitation via QR code.

The blockchain COVID-19 app will examine data encompassing cleanliness to travellers. The information offered by the Wellness Trace app will be up to date and appropriate. Via the app, passengers can receive information about what the surfaces are like by QR code stickers dotted throughout the facility. Moreover, the passengers will be capable of using their phones to scan the QR codes. Users can contribute feedback on the sanitation of their travel experience or review Wellness Trace to discover locations at or near the airport like restaurants or toilets that have lately been cleaned. Furthermore, in the app, travellers will share their observations on how clean a facade is near them. 

Albany Airport launched a three-month trial where its officers will utilize the app to trace disinfection in essential areas. Above 45 QR codes have been developed throughout the airport. Moreover, users can scan it to monitor how lately and efficiently that area has been cleaned. After the conclusion of the trial, GE Aviation and the Albany Airport will consider any possible amendments to the app. Additionally, they will also examine the feasibility of extending the app’s application for health screening. 

This is not the first initiative towards making lives easier for people during COVID-19. Earlier, blockchain app ICC AOKpass came into existence that enables users to check their COVID-19 status on a real-time basis. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) formed the ICC AOKpass app in association with medical and travel security firm International SOS. Moreover, it intends to check individuals’ COVID-19 compliance, including immunity passports. 

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