AI Startup TEAL collaborates with CorionX for sustainable crypto currency system

After collaborating with Fuse, CorionX is collaborating with AI startup TEAL to provide a sustainable crypto currency system.

By · Oct 21, 2020 . 6min read

TEAL collaborates with CorionX  news

TEAL, the smart blockchain ecosystem, is collaborating with CorionX. The collaboration between TEAL and CorionX strives to develop a sustainable cryptocurrency system for the TEAL Marketplace. The partnership will involve joint development of a sustainable monetary system. It will spread public awareness about blockchain technology’s functioning and business opportunities.

The primary utility of a collectively developed sustainable crypto-forex system is the TEAL Market. It is a decentralized market with social community features. It connects shoppers with the best suggestions and retailers virtually with the most appropriate prospects by proprietary synthetic intelligence.

TEAL to offer Stablecoin payments

According to the blog post, the partnership allows TEAL to provide further stablecoin payments and decentralized finance, enabling a transparent discount in time to market. The TEAL coin that acts as an economically flexible currency operating as a robust showcase of the alternatives of a hybrid coin that’s neither fastened nor speculatively traded.

CorionX’s CORX utility token, if used regularly, has various advantages via collaborations and white label integrations. Token holders earn Loyalty Staking Rewards quarterly. Additionally, they get access to a broad range of stablecoins and DeFi in the CorionX wallet. Moreover, CorionX will extend its use cases to mainstream users and merchants by using AI on TEAL Marketplace.

CorionX is the global framework for expansion, education, and promotion for the usage of stablecoins, CBDCs, crypto saving, lending, OpenFinance, and DeFi. The non-profit motive behind CorionX, Corion Foundation’s #MoneyInTheRightDirection Movement, has started supporting the standard shift towards the mass adoption of digital, crypto, and programmable money. 

Recently, the Corion Foundation, the non-profit behind CorionX, and Fuse have collaborated to bring stablecoin transactions and decentralized finance (DeFi) by its Fuse Chain and Ethereum Bridge solution. As part of the association, both Corion Foundation and Fuse will spread awareness about the blockchain technology. Additionally, a series of webinars, AMAs, and training sessions are to be applied for the awareness campaigns. Moreover, the partnership will also enable CorionX users to utilize Fuse Studio. It is a dApp that can store multiple crypto and fiat currencies. 

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