Irish authorities slam man with 3 years prison sentence for SIM jacking and stealing $2.5 million in Cryptos

Dublin based, Conor Freeman sentenced to three years of imprisonment for SIM jacking and stealing $2.5 million cryptos by Irish authorities.

By · Nov 21, 2020 . 4min read

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A Dublin-based man has been sentenced to three years imprisonment by the Irish authorities for masterminding several SIM jacking that led to him stealing more than $2 million in cryptocurrencies.

Irish Judge, Martin Nolan of the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court had on Tuesday sentenced Conor Freeman 21, to two years and eleven months in prison. Conor, on the other hand, had pleaded guilty to charges including “guile and deception”.

The Irish Times had reported that Freeman was found guilty on the counts; possession of proceeds of crime, theft and dishonestly operating a computer. Freeman received crime proceeds that amount to 142.75682712 Bitcoin, valued at $2.6 million as at current Bitcoin value as at press time.

Freeman’s current predicament stems from his theft activities as far back as May 2018. The convicted had worked alongside a group of six men who hacked cryptocurrency accounts over a three-day period in May 2018.

The group of seven, Freeman included, used social engineering hacking techniques to target their victims on social media. Doing that, they obtained email addresses and phone numbers of three people. Working alongside their co-conspirators in mobile telecommunications operators they would then carry out the jacking of the Irish SIM owners.

Freeman and his crew would then go ahead to initiate password recovery for the accounts of their victims. As standard practice, Irish telecoms providers send the OTP which Freeman and his crew intercepts.

To conclude, Freeman and his group successfully jacked the SIMs of three Irish nationals. They were Darran Marble, Seth Sharpiro and Micheal Templeman. The trio lost $100,000, over $1.9 million and more than $167,000 in cryptocurrency respectively.

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